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New Stormrise Whip Select Trailer

A brand new Stormrise trailer is now available across the web! This time around, you can learn how to control all the units you’ve seen using the new Whip Select system – check out the video here for all the details.

I’m still trying to decide which of the two races I’m going to enjoy playing as more. Methinks some hands-on time is in order… any impressions from the other RTS junkies out there?


New Stormrise Descriptions & Images

You’ve read about it, you’ve seen it in action, now check out the units you’ll be using in The Creative Assembly’s newest RTS title…Stormrise™. In The Creative Assembly’s first foray into console RTS gaming, they’ve pitted two factions against one another. There are the Echelon, a technology driven society, awaken from a long hibernation to reclaim the Earth. Then there are the Sai, those left behind by the Echelon on the surface of a horrifically storm stricken Earth to face the elements. The Sai have been the stewards of Earth’s surface since the great storms arose and are not going to give it back to the Echelon without a fight.

Echelon Enforcers

Enforcers are the troops on the frontline, bringing peace and security to all who fall under the wing of the Echelon.  Determined to bring the civility of the past to the chaos of the frontier, Enforcers serve with utmost loyalty to the Chancellor. They are protected by tactical combat armour and heavily armed with an assault rifle/grenade launcher combo.

SPECIAL Abilities

  • Grenades: The Enforcers can launch a barrage of explosive grenades at their enemies.
  • Riot Shield Up: The Enforcers activate their energy Riot Shields and hunker down behind them for increased protection.

Echelon Infiltrators:

The arbiters of justice, Infiltrators seek out the hidden enemies of the Echelon and dispatch them with a high velocity shot to the skull. Trained from a young age to join the elite ranks of the Echelon infantry, Infiltrators are supreme scouts and deadly accurate snipers. All Infiltrators are armed with the best field camouflage armour and a large calibre high velocity rifle. The Infiltrator always strikes its target.

SPECIAL Abilities

  • Thermal Vision: The Infiltrator is able to detect and target any hidden and cloaked units within view.


Echelon Prowlers

Prowlers are moderately armoured but highly mobile vehicles that provide security both on the ground and in the air. Unmatched for their versatility, Prowlers engage land and air targets with turret-mounted twin cannons. Echelon Commanders know that when these cats are on the prowl, the enemy better watch out!

SPECIAL Abilities

  • Search the Skies AA Mode: The Prowler transforms into a stable gun platform to shoot down airborne targets.

Sai Rangers

Rangers perform two functions within the Sai hierarchy. Firstly they scout the frontiers for dangerous mutants, alerting Sai villages if they are in danger and secondly, Rangers form into Militia Platoons in time of war, providing the most common form of troops available to Sai commanders.  Armed with basic armour and an assault rifle, Rangers are best deployed in numbers.  When the Rangers’ battle fervour is heated they will charge into combat heedless of danger. They can also fire Sai energy charges at air targets.


SPECIAL Abilities

  • Sai Anti Air Rockets: The Rangers can fire Sai energy charges at airborne units from their unusual weapons.
  • Commando Rush: The Rangers call forth their natural aggression and rush into combat completely ignoring the dangers around them but increasing their damage.

Sai Spectres:

The silent knives in the night, Spectres are a true nightmare for Echelon soldiers to handle.  They have an exceptional ability to control Sai energy, having been trained from a young age to manipulate the energy in different ways.  Able to project swords made out of energy from their arms, the Spectres can slash their way through nearly all opposition.  The Spectre can also bend light at-will to cloak itself, making it nearly invisible to the naked eye, only being given away by a slight shimmer.  The fact that Spectres can also use mind control could be the most terrifying thing of all.

SPECIAL Abilities

  • Mind Control: The powerful mind of the Spectre can temporarily dominate any enemy except for commanders.
  • Cloak: The Spectre can warp light around itself to hide from enemy sight.  The shimmering can be detected from up close though.
  • Rapid Slice: The Spectre goes into a slashing frenzy, destroying any infantry within its reach.

Sai Scorpions

The Sai may not be as technologically advanced as the Echelon but that doesn’t mean they don’t have machines.  Scorpions are off-road vehicles used to patrol the wastes around Sai villages and to provide light strike power for when Sai forces go into combat.  The Rangers enlisted to drive them revel in the freedom of thrashing their machine around and firing off the back mounted machine gun.

SPECIAL Abilities

  • Sting: A ceramic shell-filled with Brood acid charged with Sai energy. On impact it does minimal damage, but greatly reduces the armour where the shell hit.

All of these images and more are in our Stormrise photo set on Flickr.