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Total War: ROME II – Pirates & Raiders Culture Pack Out Now

Total War: ROME II Pirates & Raiders Culture Pack

Plunder the ancient world with the latest Culture Pack for Total War: ROME II! Pirates & Raiders introduces the ancient-world Balkan culture, consisting of three new playable factions. Each is adept at raiding or piracy, and capable of amassing huge mercenary armies at lightning speed.

Players can now ransack the campaign map as the Ardiaei of Illyria, and the Thracian tribes of Tylis and the Odrysian Kingdom. With their own rosters of military and naval units, distinct traits, religion and play styles, the Balkan factions offer new and unique ways to experience the Grand Campaign in ROME II.

YouTube Preview Image

To complement the Pirates & Raiders Culture Pack, ROME II owners were updated with extra free content earlier this week. This latest free downloadable content comprised an extra playable faction from the Balkan culture – the fiercely independent Thracian tribe of The Getae – plus a new historical battle, The Battle of Pydna.

Pick up the Pirates and Raiders DLC on the Steam store here:


‘Hannibal at the Gates’ and free ‘Seasons & Wonders’ Update out now for Total War: ROME II

Total War: Rome II - Hannibal at the Gates DLC Now Available

Thrusting Total War ROME II players into the swirling conflict of the Second Punic War, Hannibal at the Gates brings the Western Mediterranean into sharp relief as the Republic of Rome and the trading empire of Carthage fight for their very survival. Including new playable factions, this dramatic downloadable campaign pack is available for purchase now.

Alongside the pack, a new free Seasons & Wonders update has been rolled out to all ROME II users. This update includes a unit-roster expansion for Carthage, Twitch.TV streaming support, new great wonders for battlefields, touchscreen support, and introduces seasons into the ROME II Grand Campaign. The update also brings a host of new technical, AI and gameplay improvements in both battle and campaign. You can view some of the new Wonders and ROME II campaign map seasons in this video:

YouTube Preview Image

Please visit the Total War Wiki For full details on Hannibal at the Gates and the free ROME II content update.


Total War: Rome II – Hannibal at the Gates Campaign Pack Announced.

Total War: Rome II - Enemy at the Gates

Total War: ROME II’s second major Campaign DLC is incoming on March 27th! Dropping players into the Western Mediterranean at the outbreak of the 2nd Punic War, Hannibal at the Gates features a new campaign map focused on the tinderbox geopolitical situation that brought two ancient world superpowers to all-out war; with sworn rivals Scipio and Hannibal at the very heart of the conflict.

Five playable factions will feature a wealth of new units. Main protagonists Rome and Carthage will benefit from a new civil tech tree based around diplomacy, while the challenge in the shadow of these mighty empires for newcomers Syacuse, the Arevaci and the Lusitani will be formidable.

YouTube Preview Image

“ROME II was hugely ambitious for our studio,” said Mike Simpson, Creative Director at CA, “We do regret that some reviewers and core fans didn’t get everything they wanted from it. We are committed to improving and adding to the game over the coming months; we very much want ROME II to be remembered as one of our best.”

Total War: ROME II – Hannibal at the Gates is available for pre-order now, priced £9.99/$14.99/€14.99. For more information check


Company of Heroes Wins FREE DLC in Make War Not Love Event!

In a bitterly fought contest between two giants of the strategy game genre only one community would emerge victorious. The Total War community fought valiantly but ultimately swords and trebuchets proved no match for tanks and automatic weapons as Company of Heroes 2 emerged victorious in this unique Steam event.

Make War Not Love - COH2 Wins!

To the victor goes the spoils and the valiant efforts of the Company of Heroes 2 community have earned all Company of Heroes 2 owners the opportunity to download two brand new commander packs on Steam, for free, until February 22, 2014, 10:00 AM PST.

Company of Heroes 2 Free DLC

Soviet Commander: Advanced Warfare Tactics. He will help you gain vital intelligence and exploit enemy movements with PPSH equipped conscripts and the most powerful incarnation of the vaunted T-34 tank armed with a hard hitting 85mm cannon.

German Commander: Close Air Support Doctrine will help you gain tactical air supremacy over your foes by providing close Air Support and cover for frontline engagements by utilizing the powerful weapons of the versatile JU-87 and its destructive power.

A full list of abilities for both commanders can be found on the Steam product page here:

Giving players another reason to celebrate today, Relic also released a brand new update for Company of Heroes 2, introducing several new features. The ‘Aftermath’ adds Battle Servers to the game, improving the multiplayer quality for matches involving slower internet connections. The update also streamlines the surrender process, adds a new map list and will see the first community created map get integrated into the game.


“Tally ho losers. We kicked your butts!” said Jeffery Simpson, Community Manager for Company of Heroes 2. “Massive congratulations to the awesome Company of Heroes 2 community. Go and download your reward now, you’ve earned it!”

Make War Not Love - Trash Talk

Congratulate Company of Heroes on Twitter!


Total War: ROME II – Caesar in Gaul Available Now

Rome II - Caesar in Gaul

Caesar in Gaul, the first campaign expansion for Total War: ROME II, is available to download now. Bringing Caesar’s Gallic war to life in thrilling detail, Caesar in Gaul offers a tighter scope in terms of time and geography than ROME II’s original grand campaign.

Playing as Rome or one of the key barbarian tribes in this seven-year conflict, players will experience a campaign map that represents an expanded, more detailed vision of Gaul and the south coast of Britannia. With multiple turns per year, this expansion also brings seasonal changes, with new gameplay effects and stunning visual alterations.

YouTube Preview Image

Caesar in Gaul also offers players a new historical battle to challenge their generalship. The Battle of Alesia, the decisive engagement of Caesar’s war in Gaul, offers a unique tactical situation in which the Romans must survive a twin-pronged onslaught of the massed Gallic forces.

Concurrent with this launch, a new patch bringing important gameplay changes will download automatically via Steam for all ROME II owners. For full patch notes please visit the Total War Wiki.

Caesar in Gaul brings numerous other features, including new units, new mid-game challenge mechanics and a greater focus on historical characters. For more detailed information, head to the steam page, where the expansion is available to purchase for £9.99, $14.99, €14.99.


Total War ROME II: Caesar in Gaul Campaign Pack

Total War: Rome II - Logo

Caesar in Gaul is the first campaign expansion for ROME II, and brings Caesar’s Gallic War to life in thrilling detail. Offering a tighter scope in terms of time and geography than ROME II, the Caesar in Gaul campaign map offers an expanded, more detailed vision of Gaul and the south coast of Britannia.

Players can choose from four playable factions in this conflict: the Gallic Arverni, the Germanic Suebi, the Belgic Nervii and Rome; in a campaign inspired by Caesar’s Commentarii de bello Gallico (Commentaries on the Gallic war).

Caesar in Gaul Features

Total War ROME II: Caesar in Gaul
New campaign map: The expanded map of Gaul and southern Britannia brings 18 provinces to conquer, fully detailed with resources, settlements, capitals, and new environmental effects.

Greater focus on characters: Play through the campaign with faction-leading avatars such as Caesar and Vercingetorix.

24 turns per year and seasons: A shorter campaign timespan (58-51BC) means each in-game year is split into more turns. As the calendar changes, so do the seasons, bringing seasonal gameplay effects and stunning visual alterations.

Total War ROME II: Caesar in Gaul

New mid-game challenge mechanics: Caesar in Gaul replaces ROME II’s civil war with different, conflict-appropriate mechanics. As barbarian players progress, they’ll begin to feel the mailed fist of Rome as heavy intervention forces are sent to Gaul. Likewise, Roman players will see the tribes rebelling and forming alliances.

Compact, focused multiplayer campaign: With a tighter geographic scope and faction-roster, 2-player campaigns are more focused and less time-consuming than the full ROME II campaign.

New historical battle: Surrounded and outnumbered, take on the role of Caesar as he fights the last desperate, decisive engagement of the Gallic War: the Battle of Alesia.

Total War ROME II: Caesar in Gaul

New Total War: ROME II playable factions: Alongside the factions playable in Caesar in Gaul, several playable factions are also unlocked in the full ROME II campaign: the Nervii, the Boii and the Galatians.
New units: A raft of new battlefield units is unlocked for the Boii, the Galatians, the Nervii and the Gallic tribes, plus new auxiliary and mercenary units.

Caesar in Gaul will be available to purchase and download on December 12, 2013 for $14.99/£9.99/€14.99.


Get 25% off Total War: ROME II this weekend on Steam!

Total War: Rome II - Logo

With the recently announced Steam OS looming large, this weekend Steam are highlighting one of the forthcoming titles for the new operating system when it launches – 25% off Total War: ROME II.

Total War: ROME II Panorama preview

To mark this fantastic discount, we’ve taken another colossal ROME II panoramic screenshot, this time featuring the exotic mounted warriors of the Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack. The Tribes of Scythia, the Massagetae and the Roxolani offer a distinctly different style of play, as they focus almost exclusively on mounted warriors. Born in the saddle to ride the wild, hardy steeds of The Steppes to war, they are poised to rain havoc on the ‘civilized’ peoples of the ancient world. You can see them in formation-shattering action against the forces of Rome by clicking the image above or visiting this link.

The Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack is available now alongside the recently released Blood & Gore Pack.


Total War: ROME II – Nomadic Tribes Now Available

Total War: ROME II - Nomadic Tribes DLC

Featuring new playable factions the Royal Scythians, Roxolani and Massagetae, the Total War: ROME II Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack (normally £5.99/$7.99/€7.49) is available now and will be free if downloaded before October 29th.

YouTube Preview Image

“We’ve had more gamers playing ROME II, and for longer, in its first month than any other Total War to date. We are going to continue to work on gameplay feature balancing with our community who have been hugely helpful in feeding back on the game. Offering this DLC for free for the first week it’s on sale is a celebration and a small thank you to them for helping us make this the biggest Total War yet.” – Mike Simpson, Creative Assembly.

Total War: ROME II - Nomadic Tribes DLC

The Nomadic Tribes favor cavalry, exclusively in some cases, providing for swift hit and run and massed shattering charge tactics on the battlefield. The three playable factions come with new buildings and building chains, technology tree, campaign objectives and new units both unique and for general mercenary use. Read more at the Total War Wiki.


Total War: Rome II – Free DLC & Steam Workshop Mod Update

Total War: ROME II - Seleucid Update

The next in a series of free content drops to Total War: ROME II is available today in an automatic update; The Seleucid Empire is now a playable faction in single-player campaign and multiplayer games.

This update includes Patch 5, delivering further performance and gameplay balancing improvements, for full patch notes please visit:

Also featured is Steam Workshop support and activation of the mod manager in the Total War Launcher, making the sharing and loading of mods a breeze, please visit:

Renowned for their civil engineering and city-building feats, the kings of the vast Seleucid Empire rely on expert cavalry regiments to enforce and expand their borders. This content update includes new unique Seleucid units, building and technology trees, Campaign Objectives and the Paradise of Daphne; a unique new wonder. For more details on this faction, please visit:


Total War: ROME II – Third Update Now Live

Total War: Rome II E3 2013

Automatically applied to the game client upon restarting, the third update to ROME II includes over 140 technical, gameplay, balancing and usability improvements.

Technical optimizations include Campaign performance improvements on some hardware configurations, fixes for UI flickering in SLI setups, and a significant multiplayer campaign-speed boost. There are many new gameplay improvements, such as alterations to the victory point system, and chiefly a reduction in the circumstances in which victory points appear in battles. For example, when the player is attacked while occupying a minor settlement (though not a provincial capital), a new Sally Forth button is available on the pre-battle panel, which enables the player’s army to fight the attackers in an open field battle without victory points.

Numerous other specific fixes are also included, and full patch notes can be found here:

Patch 4 enters public beta soon, with further technical optimizations and improvements to gameplay, balance and usability to come.

Assistance for anyone seeking to solve issues or improve the performance of ROME II on their system is available from the CA support team at