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Valkyria Chronicles II Community BLiTZ – Special Edition, Part V

A new week begins – and whether that means the daily grind at work or the daily grind through classes, we’ve got two more codes today to help make Monday a little less… well, Monday.

If you haven’t seen Vanquish yet, you need to. Grab the demo on 360 or PS3 and check out what Shinji Mikami, his team, and the good folks over at Platinum Games are up to. Once you’ve played it, you can grab the first of today’s codes to go with it, adding another exclusive sticker to your selection.

As promised, another sticker is going out that should make a lot of other SEGA fans happy – myself included. Remember the blue rogues symbol that you can get in-game fairly early on? We’re happy to reveal that we’ve added a second Skies of Arcadia sticker to Valkyria Chronicles II, and this one is exclusive to the west!

Two more DLC missions are also revealed, and like the previous ones, they will all be included in a single DLC package.

Lotte Insider – Special Edition, Issue 9

(Click for full size.)

Today’s first free code: VANQUISH Sticker

(Enter this in-game at the “Extras” section)


Lotte Insider – Special Edition, Issue 10

(Click for full size.)

Today’s second free code: Skies of Arcadia Sticker

(Enter this in-game at the “Extras” section)


Coming Tomorrow

A famous artist is rumored to have just finished a new design based off of a certain idol from Squad 7. Whether her singing is music to your ears or sounds a bit like nails a chalkboard, there’s no denying that in her world, she thinks she’s number one. Fans of this idol, rejoice – because tomorrow’s sticker is a little tribute to her glory. (Even if it is self-appointed!)

Also, for those wondering whether or not there will be any more characters unlocked in the future – the answer is a definite yes.

We hope you guys enjoy today’s codes – especially you Skies fans out there!


Valkyria Chronicles II Community BLiTZ – Special Edition, Part IV

The weekend is almost here!

Today we have three special codes to pass out, all of which will unlock new Tank Stickers. Whether you’re a fan of Super Monkey Ball, a hardcore Yakuza player, or a Dreamcast junkie who has fond memories of a certain game called Crazy Taxi – we hope these codes will brighten your day and make for an awesome start to the weekend!

In addition to the codes, each issue of the Lotte Insider also reveals a new DLC mission that will be included in this month’s upcoming DLC pack!

Lotte Insider – Special Edition, Issue 6

(Click for full size.)

Today’s first free code: Super Monkey Ball Sticker

(Enter this in-game at the “Extras” section)


Lotte Insider – Special Edition, Issue 7

(Click for full size.)

Today’s second free code: Crazy Taxi sticker

(Enter this in-game at the “Extras” section)


Lotte Insider – Special Edition, Issue 8

(Click for full size.)

Today’s third free code: Yakuza Sticker

(Enter this in-game at the “Extras” section)


Coming next week…

More codes, more stickers, more characters! Oh, and one sticker in particular that we think fans of a certain Dreamcast RPG will be pretty stoked to see. It’s a Valkyria Chronicles II exclusive in the western version, so be sure to visit back for more free codes next week!

If today’s stickers made your weekend a little better, let us know in the comments below!


Valkyria Chronicles II Community BLiTZ – Special Edition, Part III

Hey everyone, and welcome to Part III of our Community BLiTZ Special Edition! Today, as promised, we have two times the codes to make up for yesterday, one of which is going to make a whole lot of you very happy. And by very happy, I mean very, very, very, happy.

Sorry for not getting the blog up yesterday – as many of you may know, our other awesome game for the PSP, Phantasy Star Portable II, launched yesterday, and we had some fun time with the online servers getting ready until about 10 PM lastnight. I would have liked to post one lastnight, but it probably would have looked like I smashed my face against the keyboard a few times. Still, thanks for sticking with us as the last two days have been really busy due to that.

Finally, speaking of Phantasy Star Portable II, anyone who picks up the game here in the west will be able to unlock Emilia as a playable Armored Tech in VCII, and you’ll also get two special missions from the mercenary group Little Wing. Rumor has it that there might be some Valkyria Chronicles momentos hidden within PSP2, as well – time will tell!

Lotte Insider – Special Edition, Issue 4

(Click for full size.)

Today’s first free code: Sonic the Hedgehog sticker

(Enter this in-game at the “Extras” section)


As with all previous editions of the Insider, Lotte also reveals another DLC mission that will be included in the pack this month. But that’s not all we have for you today…

Lotte Insider – Special Edition, Issue 5

There were a whole lot of comments on BLiTZ Part II when we asked about the characters you’d like to have with you from the first game again, but none quite so requested as a certain azure witch from the original Valkyria Chronicles.

Rejoice – because today, you can finally add Selvaria to your roster!

(Click for full size.)

Today’s second free code: Selvaria Bles + Witch Profile sticker

(Enter this in-game at the “Extras” section)


Coming tomorrow…

With Selvaria released, we’ve still got more stickers and playable characters to unlock throughout the month. Join us again tomorrow evening for the next issue of the Lotte Insider!

If you’re stoked to finally have Selvaria playable – let us know in the comments below! Thanks again for waiting, and we hope you guys enjoy today’s codes!


Valkyria Chronicles II Community BLiTZ – Special Edition, Part II!

Happy Monday, folks! To help brighten your week, we’ve got another free unlockable code for VCII to start things off, a second edition of the Lotte Insider, and news on the second DLC mission that will be included in our DLC pack coming out later this month!

Lotte Insider – Special Edition, Issue 2

(Click for full size.)

Today’s free code: Gallian Military Sticker

(Enter this in-game at the “Extras” section)


Bonus Challenge – Extra code

Today we have a special challenge for you guys – complete it, and we’ll hook you up with a second, bonus code, complete with another edition of the Lotte Insider!

  • Tell us in the comments section below which characters from the first game you would most like to have again as part of your Squad in VCII. You can pick any character from the first game!

If we get over 100 comments from fans telling us the favorite characters you’d like to see again, we’ll update this blog with a second code, which will unlock one such character from the first game as a playable member of your squad in VCII!

You can only comment once, and you have until 11:00 PM Pacific time tonight to hit 100 comments. Spread the word and work together, and let’s see how fast you guys can accomplish it! (P.S.: A rank = within 2 hours of this blog going live.)


Rank: A!

Well done everyone! As promised, here’s a special extra edition of the Lotte Insider today, and with it, a code to unlock Welkin’s best friend – Faldio!

Bonus Reward

(Click for full size.)

Unlock Faldio as a playable character:

(Enter this in-game at the “Extras” section)


P.S. – Selvaria fans, your day will come!

Coming tomorrow…

As another awesome game launches on the PSP tomorrow, we’re going to have another edition of the Lotte Insider, a new code for everyone to download, and more Valkyria goodness! The release day and cost for the massive DLC pack will also be revealed soon!

Good luck with today’s challenge!


Valkyria Chronicles II Community BLiTZ – Special Edition, Part I!

Welcome back to a surprise special edition of the VCII Community BLiTZ! After the amazing reception we had from you guys here on the blogs, we wanted to keep you up to speed on how Valkyria is doing, both in reviews and in stores, and let you know how you can help the war effort keep pushing forward.

First off, let’s talk about the reviews. What do the critics (and gamers) think of VCII?

  • Destructoid gave it a rocking 9.5 and an Editor’s Choice, writing “A new story, battle improvements, new troops, and a ton of missions are exactly what Valkyria Chronicles fans were asking for.”

Right now, the game is averaging a score of 81 on Metacritic, which is fantastic – here’s to hoping that number will rise even higher.

The first week

We’re happy to announce that Valkyria’s first week in stores was a good one, with fans all across the US picking up the game both physically and digitally. The game is also now available in the UK, so for all of you who spend with pounds instead of dollars, get out there and grab a copy!

We’d like to thank everyone who did their part, and likewise to urge those who haven’t picked it up yet to do so – the first battle went very well, but the war is far from over. Every copy picked up helps us prove that Valkyria Chronicles is a series that deserves even more attention here in the west, and it’s a cause that many of us here are happy to fight for.

New VCII DLC coming out this month!

We’ve mentioned in the past that there was DLC planned here in the west, but today we’re happy to specify that DLC will actually be arriving this month! All of it will be coming together in one huge pack, and we’ll have details on how many missions that pack will give you, as well as the cost next week!

The value you’ll get for the missions in the pack is huge, and today we’re going to unveil the first mission included in the DLC pack, as well as give away a special free code for all of you who need a little more Squad 7 love in your team!

Lotte Insider – Special Edition, Issue I

(Click for full size)

Code to Unlock Isara Gunther + Isara’s Dream Sticker:

(Enter this in-game at the “Extras” section)


The first of the DLC missions included in our pack will also take you back to Mellvere – though the challenge will be unlike any you remember from the initial campaign!

More Winners!

Who scored that one-of-a-kind signed Developments Artbook from the Valkyria Chronicles Team? Give your congrats to user mowmow, who wrote:

“From the bottom of my heart I thank you so much for bring Valkyria chronicles to the US, and I hope there will be more of this Series to come. I will continue to try and put the word out so that everyone can play these games.”

You rock, mowmow – thanks for helping spread the word!

Coming next week

Check back in next Monday as the Special Edition BLiTZ continues on, with news on the second DLC mission you’ll get in the upcoming pack, and another new code for a special, unlockable tank sticker! Every day next week we’re going to be giving away a new code for something special!

Rumor has it that fans of a certain azure witch from the original Valkyria Chronicles should also keep their eyes peeled next week – we’ve got all sorts of awesome lined up to say thank you for supporting VCII.

If you’re excited about the DLC, the unlockable characters, or the new stuff to come, drop us a line in the comments below.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Valkyria Chronicles II Community BLiTZ – Finale: Succeeded Wish

(Before you start reading this blog, we recommend getting this music playing in the background!)

Finally, the release day has come. As Valkyria Chronicles II ships to stores across the US, the long wait for the sequel to the PS3 masterpiece is over.

Writing a new, lengthy piece for the BLiTZ each day has been a challenge, but one always made worth it by the amazing responses we get from you guys – the fans. We hope you’ve enjoyed the stream of info, pictures, and prizes just as much as we enjoy seeing your excitement.

We have a very special finale today to say thank you to all the fans. For following us from day 1, for supporting great titles like Valkyria Chronicles, and for getting out there to pick up and also support the second game – here is our tribute to you.

A special message for the fans – from the Valkyria Chronicles devs

Just after we began the BLiTZ, I put in a rather selfish request to the developers over in Japan, asking them if they would like to take part in our final day of the BLiTZ and write a message to the fans. The request itself was on very short notice, and I had actually only expected maybe one or two members of the dev team to write back.

Instead, they found time amidst their busy schedule to write something very special for all of you. And not just one – but a great many of them, each responsible for something unique within the series, all took time out of their day to create the following messages, just for the Valkyria Chronicles fans in the west. And here they are:

Their messages, and their role in the team:

Shinji Motoyama                  Chief Producer

We’ll be waiting for you in the new battlefield!

Takanobu Yoshino                Localization Director

Try collecting all the medals with Avan and his comrades.

Hope you like Vario!

Kazuhiro Matsuta                 Chief Programmer

We put in all you can ever want for a portable game.

Thank you for supporting Valkyria Chronicles II!

Hirotaka Kanazawa              Chief Artist

The new Valkyria Chronicles is loaded with new tanks, weapons, characters, and so much more!

Protect Gallia with your one and only Class G!

(JP message: Protect the homeland!)

Shuntaro Tanaka                  Chief Adviser

Valkyria is back!

Takeshi Ozawa                    Original Director

All Valkyria fans are my fellow comrades!!

Kohei Yamashita                  Chief Game Designer

Valkyria is THE strategy game of the century.

You’ll find out that it’s worth 100 times what you pay for, so you gotta play it!

Daisuke Tabayashi               Setting Designer

All Valkyria fans, here we go! Make way for Edelweiss!!

…Sorry, you don’t have Edelweiss this time.  But you get to customize your tank to the limits!  The magnificent world of Valkyria Chronicles and the BLiTZ system are greater than ever, so get ready for some fun!

(+ the illustration)

Akio Horii                            Map Designer

Thank you very much for supporting Valkyria Chronicles!!

And thank you, to everyone above, for taking the time to write those messages.

A call to action

As the day arrives, we hope that everyone will do their part to support the series. Whether that’s simply picking up the game, telling your friends about it, or even cosplaying VC at PAX this week – every little things helps, and collectively as fans, we can move mountains when we all do even just a little.

Thank you to the many who are already doing that – and to everyone who plans to pick up or download a new copy of the game to support Valkyria Chronicles!

A super rare finale prize!

We’ve saved the best for last. Today, we’re going to give away the huge Japanese Development Works artbook, which is worth over $60 alone and is a masterpiece filled with art and design concepts from the entire first game. Massive is an understatement.

But this one is special. This artbook has also been signed by those above – the Japanese development team, and the back inside cover has both messages from them and even a sketch of the Edelweiss all drawn onto it. To date, only two of these exist in all of the US – and you can win this one.

  • To win the artbook, write a message here for the Valkyria Chronicles dev team. Make it as short or as long as you want – and let them know what you think of Valkyria Chronicles, and what the series means to you.

We’ll draw one winner at random from here on the blogs, and they’ll get one amazingly rare piece of merchandise to add to their collection!

What comes next

As the BLiTZ finishes on our end, it passes on to all of you – to the world of Valkyria Chronicles II that you can now experience, and to the battles, characters, and story that awaits.

Our support for Valkria Chronicles II is far from over, and we’ll be back soon with even more news on the upcoming DLC for the game, and some special codes to unlock new content – some exclusive to the west!

On behalf of all of our teams, thank you for joining us through the entire Community BLiTZ. If you liked it, please let us know!

Happy Valkyria Chronicles II day everyone – we hope you’ll love the game!


Valkyria Chronicles Community BLiTZ – Day X: The grounds of Lanseal

Hello everyone, and welcome to Day X of the Community BLiTZ! Thanks for being patient as we’re traveling around a bit and finding time to update has been a challenge. On the plus side, that travel schedule does mean we might meet you at PAX this year, and Valkyria Chronicles II will most definitely be there!

Today marks the launch of the game here in the west, but we’ve saved the big launch blog post for a little later in the afternoon. Thanks to all the great responses on the BLiTZ though, it is going to be a little more special than I thought when we started the series of updates. Stay tuned!

As we catch up on Day X, we explore the grounds of the military academy Lanseal – the place you’ll be spending almost all of your time leveling up, researching new equipment, and learning more about your fellow cadets. A few special guests from the first game might also make appearances here. Read on for all the details, our special thanks, last week’s winners, and another giveaway!

Community BLiTZ – Day X: The grounds of Lanseal

Standing tall for 217 years, the Lanseal Royal Military Academy is also Gallia’s only military academy. The “Royal” part of the name comes from the time it was created: back when Gallia was actually still a Monarchy. Records of the academy’s location show that it was not in fact built from scratch, but rather constructed around an existing old citadel, and then adding new expansions like the training grounds and the residential buildings.

Want to graduate at Lanseal? The academy uses a credit system, and on average, cadets can get through the program in approximately three years. There are two ways in: either get recruited by one of Lanseal’s scouts, who visit schools across the country looking for gifted students, or apply directly. Everyone has to pass both a written and field test, but the bar is much stricter for those applicants who are non-scouted.

Because graduates are immediately promoted to officers in the army, the thought of having a Lanseal diploma is actually quite tempting for many who want to serve their country further. This also means that the age of cadets varies widely, with some in their late teens, others in their twenties, and some in their thirties.

What’s on the campus itself? We’ll start today with the Training Grounds – a very important place for any Squad Leader, and a crucial location to making sure troops are ready for the next battle.

With a special training area designed to tire cadets with rigorous workouts, and with a drill instructor just as hard and relentless as the one from the first game, you can spend your experience here to push your unit classes onward and make them more effective in combat.

Like the first game, you level up units based on class. Scouts, shocktroopers, etc – the only new thing worth noting is that leveling up a class also levels up all advanced types of this class, meaning that leveling up scouts does in fact still give boosts to your snipers, or that leveling up Armored Techs will also make your Fencers even stronger.

Also at the training grounds, you can promote your units based on the number of credits they’ve earned in battle. If you’re missing credits, you can also check which missions offer the specific ones you need – and likewise, you can always move a character back to a previous class, provided they have the credits to do so.

Welcome to R&D! Equipped with their own facilities and a capable young woman known as Lavinia who watches over things here, R&D is a one-stop-shop for all sorts of upgrades. You can create and outfit new parts for your tank, research new guns, grenades, uniforms and armor to keep your soldiers safe, and even combine materials you find in the field to offer new, mission specific buffs to certain classes. These bonuses last for a single mission on a specific class, and you can repeat them after every single mission.

R&D is every bit as important as leveling up your squad members at the training grounds. Those of you who like tanks, especially, will find this as your home away from home at the academy. Lavinia is always around to help, and there are rumors of other cadets sneaking in from time to time here too, whether to admire the stockpiles of weapons or just to lend a helping hand.

Also on the grounds is the residential area, including Avan’s own room. Here, you can explore info about people, places, and more via a  book system that is quite similar to the one used in the original Valkyria Chronicles. You can also check up some very amazing stats – with a full on stat system that we highly recommend taking a look at. From your most used characters to the up-to-the-moment number of kills your squad has achieved, this scorebook has all the numbers you wanted to see and then some.

Finally, the shop on the campus grounds is also open for business, and they offer not only new missions but also Orders (and bread) during times when Welkin or Alicia visit. If keeping up to date and being well educated is your thing, you can also buy three different types of papers here. The Gallia Times is a regularly printed newspaper covering topics across Gallia, the Lotte Insider is Lotte’s own faux-newspaper covering the latest happenings at Lanseal, and the Encyclopedia offers a wealth of knowledge about topics from Ragnite to the Rebels.

That’s it for the tour of Lanseal – you’ll all be able to explore the academy in even greater detail when you pick up the game and arrive there soon. On to the next part of today’s BLiTZ!

Special Thanks

Today’s special thanks go to IGN, who were among the first western press to review VCII. Their score, which went up  yesterday, made all of us here extremely happy – the game received an oustanding 9/10, and was also credited with an Editor’s Choice award.

We’re glad you guys loved it as much as we do – and we’re hopeful that many other reviewers and fans alike will find it just as enjoyable.

Last Week’s Winners

Who got those awesome sets of our exclusive PAX Buttons? Please give your congrats to:

  • On the SEGA Blogs: Steve Halter, who wrote:

I’m looking forward to the snow maps the most. My favorite missions in VC1 were the most challenging ones (Chapter 7!), and from the descriptions you gave, snow sounds like it will make the fight tougher. Can’t wait to play!

  • On Facebook: Brennan M, who wrote:

The desert will always be my fave from VC1. Especially when the sandstorms came in. Something about them masking everyone from each other made it really epic to me.

Chapter 13 and its trench warfare and long strip of no-man’s-land. Those trenches… I still have nightmares about them.

Congrats to all three of you! We’ll be able to ship out the buttons (as well as most of last week’s prizes) following our return from PAX next Monday!

Today’s first giveaway!

As there are two blogs going up today, the first is going to be awarding somebody with a very, very special Alicia Figurine! This figurine, however, is not part of the Yujin set, and the only way to get it was to buy the limited edition version of the original Japanese Valkria Chronicles!

I’ve been giving her a nice home on my desk, but now I think it’s time Alicia was finally given out to another fan to celebrate today, and all of the hard work that the fans have put in to helping this series.

  • To enter to win this figurine, drop us a line here on the blogs with the class you think you’ll level up most at the training grounds of Lanseal!

As a reminder, the choices are: Scout, Shocktrooper, Lancer, Engineer, and Armored Tech.

Coming next…

Keep your eyes to the blogs – the BLiTZ Finale is almost here, and we’ve got something very special for all of you to celebrate the launch of the game!


Valkyria Chronicles II Community BLiTZ – Day IX: The lay of the land

Welcome to Day IX of the VCII Community BLiTZ! Today we’re checking out the new fields of Valkyria Chronicles II, the effects they’ll have on both your infantry and your tank, and some new tricks you can use to make the most of your surroundings.

We’ve got the winner of our Selvaria figurine, more special thanks, and news on some special Valkyria Chronicles 2 collector’s buttons that you’ll be able to get exclusively at PAX this year!

Community BLiTZ – Day IX: The lay of the land

As a certain member of Squad 7 knew well, winning a battle is about far more than simply charging in headfirst. The land itself – from trees to ruins to rivers – can all be used to turn the tide of a fight. Like the first game, the conditions you’re up against will affect not only you, but your enemies as well – meaning that the first to take advantage of the situation can gain a critical upper hand.

Our first tip sounds simple, but it’s actually quite important:

  • Tip #1: know what time of the day you’re fighting at.

Why is this important? Because almost every single area in the game has different effects at night as opposed to during the day. The first key is to learn these, to prepare your squad and your tank accordingly, and then to plan a strategy around it. (You could just charge in too, but it’s not quite as effective.)

For example, Leanbluff forest is a heavily wooded and hilly area, and one of the first you’ll encounter once you get past the training grounds of Lanseal. During the morning and much of the day, the forest is covered in a fine, foggy mist, making sighting enemies difficult and lowering accuracy. At night, the mist dissipates completely, but the lack of natural light also makes finding enemies hard in its own way.

  • Tip #2: Use your tank to give you the advantage.

If it’s daytime, you can research, build, and equip your tank with a Defogging unit to counter the effects of the mist for all of your units on the same map as your tank. Worth noting: this bonus effect only applies to your own / allied units, and will not help your enemies!

Likewise, if it’s night, you can equip a lamp that will boost your own units sighting abilities, making it easier for them to see hidden or incoming enemy units. Just as before, only your troops will get this support buff, making it invaluable to bring along your tank sometimes – even if you don’t end up moving it.

This is Castle Gassenarl, located near Southern Gallia. (Click the picture to see it in high-res.)

Fans of the first game will also recognize the desert settings, though this time they’ll be taking place south of the Barious Desert, which is in eastern Gallia. During the daytime, the immense heat can limit how far your units can move, and during the night, harsh sandstorms make sighting and accuracy rough – thankfully, these will pass eventually, offering a short respite during which to finish off any enemies left standing.

In the cold mountains of Diebal, the chilling temperatures can be both dangerous and deadly. Amidst the freezing snow, units here won’t regain HP at the end of a turn – and if one of your squad members goes down, it’s a race against time to get to them before the weather does.

There are new strategies to keep in mind and new tricks to each of these situations – the best of these, of course, will need to be discovered when the pressure is on: we aren’t going to take the fun out of it!

Remember these basics and you’ll save a lot of time – and headache – when you pick up the full game. If you ever need a refresher, the drill instructor on campus is always there to offer further tips and advice. Once you know the lay of the land, a quick victory is always within reach.

Exclusive: Valkyria Chronicles II PAX Collector’s items!

Exclusive to PAX, we’re going to be bringing along a few thousand Valkyria Chronicles II buttons to give away! There are five buttons in total, featuring Avan, Cosette, Zeri, Aliasse, and the VCII Logo.

Normally, you’ll only be able to get a single button – meaning you might have to trade with friends to pick up the full set. However, we’re going to make one special exception to this rule:

  • Show up at the PAX SEGA Booth anytime or the SEGA PAXtravanganza event on Saturday night dressed as any Valkyria Chronicles character, and we’ll give you a full set of all five – you’ll also be featured here on the blogs!

I’ve heard rumors that a few members of Squad 7 were already planning on attending, so we’d love to see you guys come spread the VC love – and get something from us as thanks, too. To confirm, all characters from VCI and VCII are eligible!

And the Selvaria figurine goes to…

Time for the moment of truth. Who is the lucky fan (out of over 100+!) who won yesterday’s Selvaria figurine? Please give your congrats to…

  • Aurora, who wrote:

Selvaria. Experience and cunning. Those tip the scales in battle.

And truly, they do. Congratulations on your new Selvaria figurine, Aurora! Hit me up on the forums (RubyEclipse) to let me know where to send it.

We also had two other winners yesterday, once more for signed copies of VC1! They are:

  • On Facebook, Yuta John Y., who wrote:

Obviously Johann from the “Behind her Blue Flame” EX Report. Yuri Lowenthal did an amazing job voicing him, and his character was someone I could relate to. It’s also cool how he constantly appears as an enemy Ace. It shows just how determined he is to protect Selvaria. *tear*

Selvaria! No question about it. She is tough, on and off the battlefield. She’s also classy and drop dead gorgeous!

Congrats all around! (P.S. Aurora – take good care of that figurine!)

Today’s Special Thanks!

Our special thanks today go out to anyone and everyone who has ever cosplayed a Valkyria Chronicles character! I met a girl at the last NYCC who told me she spent almost an entire week leading up to the Con just so she could finish her Varrot costume – and we were happy to give her a well-deserved art book (or two!). Across the world, a number of talented Valkyria Chronicles appearances have shown up, like the one pictured above, from Russia. There’s a really great thread with a collection of VC Cosplay photos here in our forums, so take a look for more!

More free stuff!

PAX is a huge event with a ton of gamers, but we realize that not everyone can always make it out there to pick up the swag and see the sights. So, today, we’re going to give away three full sets of the special PAX VCII Collector’s buttons! (All five) This will be one of your only chances to pick these up outside of the event itself, and anyone (even you guys in Europe) can win!

  • To enter, tell us which environment (Snow, desert, city, forest, etc) you’re most looking forward to fighting in with VCII!

One set will go out here on the blogs, and (you probably know the drill by now) another set on Facebook, and another on Twitter.

Coming Tomorrow…

Though people may have pegged it as a “high school”, the Lanseal Royal Military Academy is anything but. From the harsh courses of the training ground to Lavinia’s R&D department, the Academy is much more than just classrooms. Oh, and everyone’s favorite Drill instructor from the first game? We’d like to think he’s done justice here, too. Join us as we take an in-depth look at what Lanseal is all about, with a special preview of both the campus and a sneak peek inside Castle Gassenarl, which is notably more… red.

Following our list of exclusive swag giveaways, we also hear rumblings that tomorrow’s might be a rather special one related to a certain baker from Squad 7…

Six days to launch – we’ll see you tomorrow!


Valkyria Chronicles II Community BLiTZ – Day VIII: Azure Flames

Everyone who played the original Valkyria Chronicles knows that having a Valkyria on the battlefield is awesome – just as long as they’re on your side.

As Day VIII arrives, we’re taking a look at the Valkyria of old and new, including a mysterious young girl named Aliasse who wields a shield in one hand and a whip in the other. More special thanks, yesterday’s winners, and a rare Selvaria figurine are all lined up for the evening!

Community BLiTZ – Day VIII: Azure Flames

History across Europa teaches that the Darcsens, cruel rulers of times past, once controlled all of the continent and treated the people unjustly. Until the Valkyrur came, that is – liberating Europa from the Darcsens and rescuing all those under their rule. Until recently, it was commonly thought that House Randgriz was one of the few final homes of the Valkyrian bloodline.

For their crimes, the Darcsens were stripped of their last names, and the Valkyrur quickly rose to power. How much of the story is a myth and how much is fact, well… that depends on who you ask. But there is one point that remains true, even to this day: history is always written by the victor.

There are rumors going around about a number of countries experimenting with secret projects to ‘create’ artificial Valkyrur, but most of these are unsubstantiated. However, the recent appearance of more than one Valkyria after so many years of only legends does raise interesting questions…

YouTube Preview Image

If there was one mission that everyone had trouble with in the original Valkyria Chronicles, it was Chapter 7. Just when you finally think you’ve finally taken down that monster of a behemoth that Maximilian calls a Tank, in comes Selvaria, blue flames aglow, and lance at the ready.

It’s an important moment in the game, because for the first time yet, you finally come up against something that is so completely overpowering that you feel totally helpless. Even with the best strategy, and even with far more leveled troops, nothing can stand against her. For once, you’re forced to realize that retreating is the only option, and that sometimes, you have to lose some smaller battles to win the big ones later.

Meet Aliasse. Keep her happy, and she’s your best friend. Just don’t make her angry.

Valkyria Chronicles II introduces a new heir to the flame, and her name is Aliasse. Unlike most Valkyria spoken of in legend, she bears a shield and a whip instead of a shield and a lance. Little is known about her personality or her background, but some claim to have seen her wandering quietly around the campus at Lanseal.

The favor of the Valkyrur can be a powerful ally, but likewise, sometimes dangerously volatile. The difference between a person and a weapon is sometimes purely a matter of perspective…

That’s all the detail of the Valkyrur that we can reveal today, but we leave you with one warning: there are reports that the rebel army may be attempting their own mimicry of the Valkyria’s powers, so stay vigilant for anything with the code name “V2″…

New Story Trailer

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A brand new Story Trailer also went live this week – you can check it out above! Once you’ve got your fill of Valkyria videos for the day, check out what’s next for today’s big giveaway…

Special Thanks

Today’s Special Thanks go to Segabits, a cool SEGA Fansite that know what they’re talking about and are also made up of a lot of SEGA and Valkyria fans who loved the first game. Thanks also to Ryan for his help in getting the basics of our Valkyria fansite one step closer to finished!

Yesterday’s Winners

  • On the Blogs, Tomceltic who wrote:

Well really everyone in squad 7 was immense, but if I had to pick one id go for Hermes Kissinger, because for one he couldn’t be asked and two he didn’t really want to be there…thats the kind of charectar I can relate to.

  • On Facebook, Donny Van Z. who wrote:

kalamata olive bread!

  • And on Twitter, Darkpen who wrote:

Gosh, my second-most? I guess Lynn comes in second to Marina :)

Congrats to all three of you!

Win a Selvaria Figurine!

Since today is all about the Valkyrur, we’re going to do our giveaway in style by offering up this rare Selvaria figurine to one lucky fan! She comes complete with the Ruhm in one hand and a sword in the other. This is part of the original Yujin figurine set from Japan.

Now that you’re all drooling, here’s what you need to do to win:

  • Tell us in the comments which Valkyria you think would win in a fight: Selvaria or Aliasse?

Two more signed copies of VC1 are also going out via the Facebook and Twitter pages!

Coming tomorrow…

New battlefields bring new challenges – join us as we take a look at some of the new environments you’ll be fighting in through VCII, learn the new hardships of the desert heat and likewise the chill of snowy mountains, and get some tips on the best ways to overcome the new environmental challenges that affect both you and your enemies alike!

Oh, and did anyone see our PAX Blog today with all that swag? There’s a little bit more that you don’t see in the picture there… and we’ll be showing it off very soon.

Until tomorrow!


Valkyria Chronicles Community BLiTZ – Day VII: Familiar Faces

Welcome to Day VII of the Community BLiTZ! Since it’s day seven, today we’re dedicating almost all of our time to the heroes of Squad 7, and to seeing what they’re all up to two years later. (On a related note, Alicia’s bread is delicious.)

Besides that, I also wanted to throw out one more call to action for fans who want to support the series: if you’re going to pick up the game, and if you’re excited about it, please pre-order the game if you haven’t already!

We’d like to say thank you to the many fans who already have for helping out, and now we’re going to try and beat the expected numbers to prove that this series is truly deserving of all the praise. If you haven’t yet, pre-ordering at Gamestop will also net you two bonus DLC codes, but likewise, every pre-order, no matter where, will help! (The way it works, every pre-order actually counts as multiple sales of the game, so each bit counts.)

Time for Day VII!

Community BLiTZ Day VII: Familiar Faces

For all the members of Squad 7 in the original Valkyria Chronicles, everyone had a favorite. Mine were definitely Vyse and Aika from Skies of Arcadia, but we’ve heard many people answer with Jann, or Rosie, or Largo. Even characters like Homer Peron and Edy get a lot of love, and all because each had a personality and a feeling that we could connect with. (Personally, I feel that Skies of Arcadia was legendary for a similar level of masterful storytelling.)

And, similar to Skies, many of the characters that we grew attached to in Valkyria Chronicles hold a special place in our gaming hearts. For all of you, Valkyria Chronicles 2 includes a number of unexpected moments that will make you smile. Some characters will get references in text or newspaper articles, while some might actually just visit the Lanseal campus. We’ll start off with the two most common – and perhaps two of the most important people from Squad 7. Welkin and Alicia:

We’re going to try our best to avoid spoilers here, with some in white (highlight to reveal them) but some basic items will be covered off early in the game, so if you haven’t beaten Valkyria Chronicles yet, stop reading and do so right now! You’ll thank us later.

What I found most interesting about Welkin and Alicia is that the game takes place in between the ending of Valkyria Chronicles and the Epilogue. (I was very glad for this, because the Epilogue to VC was sort of the perfect happy ending for me.) As a result, you can see Alicia and Welkin early on into their marriage,  and also before the birth of their daughter, Isara.  Welkin has taken up his dream of becoming a teacher, and Alicia, likewise, is on the road to becoming a baker.

As Lanseal is a large academy with many cadets and a life of its own, the store there becomes a common visiting place for Alicia to sell her bread – and, now and then, for Welkin to visit.

When Welkin visits, he’ll actually offer to teach you orders if you have enough experience saved up to use. I smiled amidst chills when this first happened, because 1: I felt old suddenly, 2: It was kind of awesome, and 3: I wondered silently about the old man in the graveyard from the first game. I personally hope that someday we’ll get to know more about him, as well.

But Welkin and Alicia aren’t the only familiar faces that will appear in the VC2. We’re going to leave some to surprise you, but one in particular has been poking us every single day since the BLiTZ started to finally – woah, wait –

Hey, Edy! Stop that! Those art books aren’t for you to draw on! Those are special!

… Anyways, all of you who love Edy and her terri – I mean beautiful – singing voice, will be happy to see her return in the second game. The self-proclaimed idol of Squad 7 is far from the only one, though – rumor has it that fans of Rosie should use Vario as much as possible, and explore his side story to see what happens. A promise is a promise, right?

That’s all for today, but tomorrow we might just have something special in the works for all of you attending this year’s PAX! It’s not edible (sorry, Avan!), but if you’re going to be there, you might just be able to get something very special and exclusive to the convention.

Special Thanks

Today’s special thanks go to the guys and gals over at Gamespot, who awarded Valkyria Chronicles II the Best RPG of E3 Award, and Best PSP game of E3 Award! Those are no small tokens to roll a tank at, and our entire team was stoked to see the game getting the attention it deserved.

Yesterday’s Winners

  • On the blogs, D4rths1D, who wrote:

Gotta go with the ol’ reliable with the heavy, anti-armor tank, Edelweiss!

  • On Facebook, Alika Q, who wrote:

Most definitely the Edelweiss. Not only is it Welkin’s tank but it’s a great shield to cover my infantry’s advances across the battlefield.

Definitely Isara. Just wanted to kick some Empire butt.

Congrats to all three winners!

Edy’s Giveaway of Goodness

…My stuff… is gone?! Wait, there’s a letter here… from Edy?

“Hello, darlings! I’d like all my fans to know that I captured three special artbooks for you, and you can enter to win one by telling us who your favorite member of Squad 7 is! ( P.S. : There’s only one right answer, and it starts with E-D-Y!)”

Well, apparently we’re taking a popularity poll.

  • Cast your vote for favorite squad 7 member in the comments below for your chance to win another pre-order artbook here on the blogs today!

(If Edy doesn’t win, something tells me I might never see the rest of my Valkyria swag ever again. I’m not telling you to stuff the ballot, but please, please: think of my stuff.)

Other giveaways are also going on at Facebook and on Twitter, so check them out, as usual!

Coming soon…

Tomorrow things go blue as we bathe in a wealth of knowledge about an ancient, mythical race known as the Valkyrur. We’ll also explore the role of a new, curious young girl near the academy who seems to hold such powers…

Just for kicks, we’re also going to include two videos: our new story trailer that went out today, and a trip back to one awesome cinematic from the first VC that gets our blue blood boiling. We might also have a special VC2 announcement exclusively about PAX!

We’ll see you then!