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Vancouver 2010 Trailer and Demo


I’ve got 2 goodies for Vancouver 2010 to help you get into the spirit of the Olympic Winter Games. First up is a gameplay trailer!

YouTube Preview Image

If that got you excited to play the game and you haven’t picked up a copy yet, you’re in luck! There is a demo now available on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Here’s the official announcement:

Vancouver 2010™ – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games – Demo Out Now

SAN FRANCISCO (January 28th, 2010) – SEGA of America announce the demo for Vancouver 2010™ is available on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network in the US and across Europe.

The demo features the men’s super-G (one of the 14 Olympic Game Mode events featured in the video game) and Landing Zone (one of the 30 unique Challenge Mode events). Focusing on speed and adrenaline, Vancouver 2010™ launches players into the glory and excitement of the world’s biggest winter sports events of the year.

Appearing on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, the PlayStation®3 and PC, Vancouver 2010™ is out now

For more information please visit

TM IOC. Copyright © 2010 International Olympic Committee (“IOC”). All rights reserved.


Vancouver 2010 Launch Trailer

Vancouver 2010 is now available in all territories, and as a celebration we have a launch trailer for the game. Check it out, and then get the game for PC (download only), PS3 or X360.

YouTube Preview Image

Vancouver 2010 Gameplay Trailer 5

Check out the latest gameplay trailer for Vancouver 2010! The game will be available January 12th for 360 and PS3.

YouTube Preview Image

Win a Trip to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games in the Best of Us Challenge

Best of Us Challenge

Do you think you could best an Olympic athlete? Maybe not at ski jumping or swimming, but perhaps and picking up tennis balls or drawing smiley faces?

In the International Olympic Committee’s The Best of Us Challenge, Olympic athletes are challenging YOU to compete against them in some truly unique events. You can go to The Best of Us website to see all the challenges and submit your own video. You could win lots of cool prizes, including a trip for 2 to the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

The challenge is running until February 28th, so get out your video camera and respond to the athletes’ challenges!


Vancouver 2010 Pack Fronts, Athletes, & Release Date Announced

Vancouver 2010 X360 Pack Front

Vancouver 2010 PS3 Pack Front

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with top American and Canadian gold medal contenders Lindsey Vonn (USA; alpine skiing), Seth Wescott (USA; snowboard cross), Kristina Groves (Canada; speed skating) and Matthew Morison (Canada; snowboard) to appear on the cover of the upcoming video game Vancouver 2010™ – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games that will be available for purchase at North American retailers on January 12th, 2010 for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system, the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, and the PC via digital download. These outstanding athletes represent the elite in each of their respective sports and are among the favorites to hoist their country’s flag and hopefully bring home gold this winter at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn, the world’s #1 ranked female skier, debuted on the U.S. Olympic team at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. The 2008-09 season officially crowned Lindsey as the most successful female skier in American history. At the February 2009 FIS Alpine World Championships, Lindsey swept the speed events, winning gold medals in both downhill and super G. Then despite having surgery for a severed tendon on her right thumb two days after winning the downhill title, Lindsey moved back into the World Cup starting gate for three consecutive top three finishes. The last of which, a super G win, placed Lindsey in the record books as she surpassed U.S. great Tamara McKinney for the most World Cup victories for an American woman with 19. Lindsey would win three more races before the season ended, finishing the year with a U.S. record (male or female) nine World Cup wins in a single season, including five consecutive super G wins an international record for women. She closed the season with downhill and super G wins at the World Cup Finals to secure her second World Cup overall crown by more than 350 points over her nearest competitor to become the only U.S. woman to win two overall titles, let alone back-to-back. Lindsey looks forward to bringing home a medal of any color from Vancouver.

Seth Wescott

Seth Wescott was the first, and reigning, Olympic gold medalist in snowboard cross (SBX), the newest event to be added to the Olympic competition schedule at the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games. He kicked off the 2008-09 season by winning the first World Cup race and is currently placed second in overall World Cup points. His other career accolades include the 2007 World Championships Silver Medalist, 2006 and 2007 Jeep King of the Mountain Champion, 2005 World Championships Gold Medalist, and 2004 World Cup – second place. Seth is also a proud 11-time U.S. National Team member, currently the top U.S. rider in SBX and is ranked second in the world. A seasoned veteran in the sport that he’s helped bring to the mainstream; he currently sits in the #1 U.S. spot heading into the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

Kristina Groves

Canadian speed skater Kristina Grove began skating at the age of 11 and hasn’t looked back since. In 2006, she won the silver medal for both the 1,500 meter and team pursuit events at the Torino Olympic Winter Games. 2007-08 were banner years for Kristina as she won an unprecedented five medals at the 2008 World Single Distance Championships including gold in the 3,000 meter; eight World Cup medals; the 1,500 meter overall World Cup title; and bronze at the World All-round Championships. She continued her winning ways during the 2008-09 World Cup season and added three more medals at the 2009 World Single Distance Championships at the Richmond Olympic Oval – the official speed skating venue of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Now, Kristina has her sights set on skating for Olympic gold on her home ice in 2010.

Matt Morison

Matt Morison will represent Canada in snowboard, a sport where he’s achieved numerous accolades. In the 2006-07 season, Matt competed in the World Cup Finals and brought home first, second and third place finishes in parallel giant slalom and parallel slalom. In the 2007-08 season, he brought home four World Cup medals with one first place and three third place finishes in the parallel giant slalom. Matt, who was the bronze medalist at 2009 FIS World Snowboard Championships, is ranked fourth in the parallel giant slalom World Cup Standings and sixth in the Overall World Cup rankings this past season. Vancouver 2010 will be Matt’s Olympic Winter Games debut and he looks forward to winning gold on his home turf.

Vancouver 2010™ features realistic next-gen visuals and will provide players with an authentic simulation of 14 events from the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games giving gamers the opportunity to compete in, and get an early look at, many of the official venues. The online functionality of all three platforms will ensure that fans of the Olympic Winter Games will be able to experience the thrill of competing against other gamers across the globe for national pride. The game will also incorporate innovative control schemes that allow novice gamers to learn how to play the game, while providing experienced gamers the chance to set new records.

Developed by Eurocom Entertainment Software, Vancouver 2010™ for Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3 and the PC is set for release on January 12th, 2010.  For further information, please go to


Sega Hosts Press Event for Olympic Video Games

Park City Olympic Park

As part of our coverage of all things Sega, I’m very happy to pass along a story of one of the most intense experiences of my life – the Sega Olympic Winter Games Press Event. The event, which took place early last week, was an opportunity for some gaming press to come check out our two Olympic Winter Games themed titles, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and Vancouver 2010™ – the Official Videogame of the Olympic Winter Games, within the setting of an official Olympic Games training area in Park City, Utah.

As a bit of background, Utah hosted the Olympic Winter Games in 2002 and Park City adapted one of it’s existing snow parks to host two key events during the games, Bobsled and Ski Jump. The facility is still around today, hosting tournaments, qualifiers, and allowing athletes to start and train in both events. In fact, I was not aware until the trip that Utah is one of two bobsled tracks in the entire United States (the other in New York). The Utah Olympic Park is officially recognized as having highest elevated ski jumps and the fastest bobsled track in the world! And, we were going to experience both first hand in the form of zipline and an actual bobsled run!

“Don’t you dare beat my score mister…”

First person viewWM
Our event space had us squarely at the top of the bobsled starting point, so while we were running our event, we had a lot of international bobsled teams walking through the space. I thought this was especially cool and took a lot of time talking with the athletes about their sport and checking on what they thought of the games. Vancouver 2010™ was getting a lot of attention from the bobsled groups, and I even had a few people mention they’d like to play it before heading into Vancouver, as a bit of a preview for the track. By the end of the sessions, the athletes started challenging their international counterparts on who could get the best bobsled course record before heading out to do it for real in the day’s qualifying runs.

This event was one of the first times I’ve had a chance to play Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and it really is a lot of fun, especially when you play alongside some competitive people. In preparing for the event, I got a taste of this in challenging our PR Manager, Tali Fischer, to some score attacks while were unlocked some events for play. Our game of choice? Figure Skating, which I gladly took on to prove my worth and hit a score so high she never beat it after that initial run. She may see it otherwise, but I write the blog, so I get to have the final word on it. So there.

“David Allen bet me $10 I wouldn’t do it, so yea, I’m not backing out!”

The zipline
Not only does the Olympic Utah Park host athletes, they also offer extensive opportunities for regular people like me to come by and tour the grounds of the park. For our Olympic Winter Games tour, we started the day with a tour of the facility and offered some pretty high level access into areas of the park. The tour covered both the ski jump and bobsled areas pretty extensively and gave us a preview into what sort of crazy stuff we signed up for. First up, zipline.

At this point I want to side track slightly and offer some thanks to Tali and one of our brand managers, David Allen, as they are a big reason I conquered my fear of heights and attempted this crazy zipline in the first place. Basically Tali, like me, is afraid of heights and David bet Tali that she wouldn’t do either event for a total sum of $10. This is a long running bet/counter-bet that’s been going between them and all the while Tali was totally nervous of the experience, but wasn’t going to back down. If she could do it, I could do it.

The zipline - Tali is first to goThe zipline

I am undeniably afraid of heights and as you can see from the photos, this was no joke. Tali was first to go and I nervously watched the outcome to prepare myself mentally. To give you a sense of the fear I was feeling, the actual set up was a bit nerve racking. The first stage is strapping in and you are forced to lean against a door, unable to see the ride down. Next, the ride operator pushes a button, the doors clang open, and you are faced with 1,500 feet of pure terror, or so it would seem as Tali screamed all.the.way.down. Eesh, I thought that was supposed to make me feel better.

The zipline - Setting upThe zipline - Launching...

When it was my turn, I nearly backed out before the button push, but it was too late. The result was pure exhilaration and not at all what I was expecting. The Zipline was basically a big slide, with no bottom, going 50mph, and hanging from a wire. Ok, so not much like a slide, but it certainly wasn’t the sudden drop I was fearing. Despite my initial fears going in, I went back and rode the zipline two more times after. Other people on the tour did the same, once they got over the their fear of strapping in and going for it.

“Steve, can you see into the future?”

Next up was bobsled, which as noted before is experienced on the fastest bobsled track in the world. The course takes less than a minute to complete, goes through fifteen turns and reaches speeds up to 90mph. Between this and zipline, most people were concerned about the zipline and the bobsled was expected to be just a fun ride. I think we all underestimated what we were getting into.

One of our bobsleds

Steve Holcomb is our driver and guide to what will be an exhilarating ride down the course. Steve is part of Night Train, a four man team competing in the Olympic Winter Games and a past Gold medal winner in 2006. As driver, Steve is responsible for navigating the track along with his team at speeds up to 90mph. One of my own misconceptions of bobsled going in was that all members would be leaning to move the sled down the track, in reality each sledding team has a driver and three passengers to perform the running start and provide weight to sled going down. Luckily, this also means I won’t have to do much more than hold on for dear life.

The start of the bobsled trackOff you go!

After our extensive waiver signing and a thirty minute orientation, we are broken up into teams of three to assault the course and go for gold. What makes the bobsled arguably more intense than the zipline is the speed and force that you experience when flying down the track. As explained by our tour guides, once you hit the fourth curve, you are at max speed and hitting up to five g’s of pressure. That’s basically five times your body weight in pressure pushing down on you. Typing that in text is one thing, experiencing it is entirely another. As luck would have it, we managed to attach a camera to one of our riders and are thrilled to be able to show you the full ride!

YouTube Preview Image

“I have a new appreciation for the Olympics”

As a gamer, I get to vicariously live through the eyes of our characters and experience things I would never, ever see. For the Olympic Winter Games, this event has granted me a chance to gain a new appreciation for what the athletes experience on a daily basis and see that reflected in the games we are creating. From the competitive spirit of the games we play, to the events themselves, the Olympic Games truly are an amazing experience and something I hope everyone will enjoy.

Thanks for reading and look forward to any comments from the community, we also have a ton of other images from the event across our Flickr page, with some pretty exceptional views from atop the ski jump.  Enjoy!


Sega Booth @ E3 – Day 2

Sega @ E3 2009 - Day 2

E3 Day 2 and boy are my feet tired! We had another great day on the floor with a lot of activity and a ton more people coming by to see our games in action. I cannot wipe the smile from my face, E3 is like a gamer holiday for me – tons of news, tons of games, and a ton of happy gamers eager to play our games.

Sega @ E3 2009 - Day 2Sega @ E3 2009 - Day 2
Sega @ E3 2009 - Day 2Sega @ E3 2009 - Day 2

Yesterday we took some photos of the booth and today I made a point to take some additional images to really show off how everything comes together. I really want to highlight what it looks like from the outside looking in, since it’s a rather unique perspective. From just about every angle, you’ll always have a chance to see at least three games. After the show, we should have some build photos of how it all came together, so be on the look out for these after the show is over.

Sega @ E3 2009 - Day 2

Something that we haven’t really talked about is our massive video wall. From the moment you arrive at the booth, it cannot be missed. It is at least 20 feet tall, wide screen, outputting at a very crisp 1080p, and running all of our trailers. We will definitely be following up with our Media and Events Manager, Teri Higgins, for more info on how this screen came together. For now, enjoy some shots to show off the scale.

Sega @ E3 2009 - Day 2

Sega @ E3 2009 - Day 2

Aaron records a podcast segment with Dan

Overall it was another fun day at the booth for the community team. We got some time to record a follow up Podcast with interviews from the show floor. I don’t want to spill the beans on what we have planned, but we have our full line up covered, so do check back to hear the final show. We also ran a few booth tours with websites we work with, which is a lot of fun – getting demos straight from developers is always a treat, I will never get tired of.

Sega @ E3 2009 - Day 2Sega @ E3 2009 - Day 2

Lastly, we had some fun events at the booth today, including the one and only, Bayonetta. In an amazingly crafted costume, Bayonetta was a real treat to see on the show floor. I got a few really good shots of her posing across our stage, do check them out across our flickr page.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the blogs and updates, we’re having fun getting them out. Enjoy the photos and let us know what you think!


A Closer Look: Vancouver 2010

Vancouver 2010: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games captures what makes the Olympic Games special — adrenaline rush and athletic drama. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, here’s what you need to know. Both the 4 Vancouver venues and all of the athletes are very realistic, almost movie-like. There are over 20 countries represented in the game, so you can fight for national pride;There are 14 different sporting events, including giant slalom, short-track speedskating and freestyle snowboarding. You can compete against others online, and compare scores via online leaderboards. Challenge mode allows you to fine-tune your skills in different ways, including outrunning an avalanche. Releasing Winter 2009 for X360, PS3 and PC.

Vancouver 2010: Landing

I had a chance to get my hands on the game yesterday, and give the ski jump a try. It does require some great timing and reflexes, but it was a lot of fun (even though I crash-landed each time). I was really struck by how beautiful and realistic the scenery is in the game.

We have more screenshots in our Vancouver 2010 and E3 sets on Flickr, so check them out. Below is the trailer that we’re showing on our mega-video wall in our booth.

YouTube Preview Image

Vancouver 2010 – The Official Game Announced!

SEGA just announced the official video game for the upcoming 2010 Olympics in Vancouver! If you haven’t yet seen the screens or trailer, do check them out below:

YouTube Preview Image

First person viewWMReplay 3WM
Be sure to head to our Flickr page for all of the images

Personally, I’m excited to see the game in action, as I’m probably more interested in Winter Sports than the Summer offerings. There’s a lot of potential for some great competition as well, so we’ll have to see how it plays out. As far as winter sports go, what are you most looking forward to seeing?