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Virtua Tennis 2009 to be the first 3rd party Wii game with Motion Plus!

In a PR Blast that went out today, it was officially announced that Virtua Tennis 2009  will be compatible with Wii Motion Plus! The info had been rumored for months – and even semi-leaked – but now the news is out, and it also means something else that will be big for the game:

Virtua Tennis 2009 will be the first third party game released on the Wii to support Motion Plus!

I think we’re all pretty stoked to finally be able to announce this, as Motion Plus +VT has been in the works for many months, and the Wii version of the game will be able to really show off the capabilities that it can offer. (Of course, there’s also just something cool about knowing that Virtua Tennis is going to be among the first games ever to support it.)

YouTube Preview Image

Speaking of Virtua Tennis, I happen to have some of the SEGA/Virtua Tennis branded Tennis Balls that were given out to raffle winners at last weekend’s Cherry Blossom festival. If there are enough VT fans reading, I’ll see about hooking you guys up with them. 😉


Virtua Tennis 2009 Developer Diary #1

The first Dev Diary for VT2009 has hit the net – more bad puns at 11.

YouTube Preview Image

(Is anyone else as glad to see those Mini games return as I am? The alligator part reminds me of a certain movie with Adam Sandler…)


This week in Virtua Tennis: VT 2009 website is live!

If you’re a fan of the Virtua Tennis series, the all-new website for Virtua Tennis 2009 has gone live! (If you’re not a fan of the Virtua Tennis series, then you need to play more Virtua Tennis.)

You can check out the Virtua Tennis 2009 website here, or you can click on the pretty picture below, which works just as well.

Speaking of screenshots, a whole batch of new Virtua Tennis shots went out this week! There are a lot of new images from the 360/PS3 version of the game, which are looking very nice – you can check them out here on our Flickr stream!

Virtua Tennis is set to come out this spring, which means it’s almost here. (Judging by the weather here in San Fran, at least, I’d say spring has already arrived.) My SEGA-Senses are telling me that there’s a lot of cool Virtua Tennis 2009 stuff in the pipeline to release soon, so fans of the series should keep an eye on the (virtual) ball – just make sure not to hit any people – or birds.

YouTube Preview Image

First Virtua Tennis 2009 trailer soars towards the net!

The first trailer for Virtua Tennis 2009 has gone live! Check it out and let us know what you think.

YouTube Preview Image

Anyone here remember back when the first Virtua Tennis game came out? Those were good times on the Dreamcast. 8)


Virtua Tennis 2009 – now headed to Wii!

If you’re like me, you have fond memories of one of your most cherished systems of all time – the SEGA Dreamcast. Upon that epic lineup of what you treasure as some of the best of your gaming history, remains a single sports game that you found yourself attached to – a simple but addictive game called Virtua Tennis.

Now, years later and after a couple more Virtua Tennis games, the latest in SEGA’s number one Tennis series has been announced for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and – as of today – for all you Wii owners, too!  If you like long, PR-speak filled blips, then check out the PR blast for the full scoop, or just see below for some quick bullet points on what’s new:


  •   Single Player, Multi-player, and Online play modes – all supported, including online on the Wii.
  •  40+ Courts
  • Ninjas and Pirates randomly battle mid-court during matches*
  • New World Tour Mode, and official Davis Cup Sponsorship

*: Alright, so I totally made up the Ninjas and Pirates part, but I still think it would be a pretty sweet addition. All the rest of it, though, is spot-on. I’m really stoked to see online support for the Wii, and that World Tour mode is something to keep an eye on, too…

We’ll have more on Virtua Tennis soon – until then, practice up in any of the older VT games, because Virtua Tennis 2009 will be here before you know it! You can also keep up with our Virtua Tennis series on Twitter – drop us a line @Virtua_Tennis!