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Win free Yakuza merchandise at SEGA Bits!

Yakuza – one of SEGA’s crowning franchises in the last ten years. When the haters claim that SEGA doesn’t make good games anymore, this is one series we add right up there with Valkyria Chronicles and so many others to prove them wrong.

The latest entry in this franchise, Yakuza 4, is out now, and we’ve also just released a free DLC pack for the game – as soon as PSN is back up, we invite everyone with a copy to pick it up. This is on top of the free bonus content you’ll find within all US copies of Y4. Consider it our thanks for sticking with us and being a loyal member of the Yakuza fanbase.

Though the game may be out, our duty as fans to support these franchises and to help ensure their continuance here in the west remains as vital as ever. To start off our community campaign, we’ve teamed up with the fansite SEGA Bits, run by an awesome crew of hardcore SEGA fans, to give away all sorts of exclusive Yakuza merchandise!

Win free Yakuza Merch for a week at SEGABits!

We should also give SEGA Bits commendation for going an extra mile to support this series, too – they’ve completely re-skinned their site to feature Kazuma Kiryu and to help promote the game while their full week of giveaways continues.

So let’s do it, members of the Yakuza community: I challenge you all to find ways that you can lend your support to this series. Be it telling a friend, picking up a copy, or finding your own creative way to get it out there. And, in the meantime, get to SEGA Bits for free giveaways and merchandise, and a a new reason every day why Yakuza 4 is one SEGA game you absolutely need in your collection.

Special thanks once more to Sharky and the entire team over at SEGABits for doing their part to support this series!


SEGA Auctions for Charity!

Today, it’s time to give back!

People across the world have felt the effects of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan. As someone who was there when it all happened, we saw firsthand many of the challenges that the Japanese people are now going through. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that we all do our part to help those who truly need it.

Here at SEGA, we’ve decided to gather some of the rarest, most unique items we could find, and we’re auctioning them all off right now, donating 100% of the funds to the Red Cross to assist in Japan relief efforts.

If you’re a SEGA fan, this is your chance – bid on super rare SEGA merchandise, and do your part to help Japan in this crucial time of need.

To all those in the SEGA Community – let’s get this started!

Yakuza Track Jacket

A super-rare, high-quality Yakuza Track Jacket!
Originally valued at over $200, we’ve started the bidding at .99 cents! This jacket is officially licensed from Ryu Ga Gotoku, or “Yakuza” here in the west. It looks and feels like one of the most epic jackets you could ever own – and, if Nagoshi himself is willing to wear it, it probably is.

You can also see this item in today’s edition of “On the Spot” over at Gamespot!

Bid on this item now!

Dreamcast Hoodie

SEGA Dreamcast Hoodie

Dreamcast Sweatshirt

We created these for the recently-release Dreamcast Collection, and they’ve been super popular ever since. We’ve given away many of them through Free Stuff Friday and partnerships with other sites, but we still get asked all the time how people can buy one of them. Until today, the answer was that you can’t. This is your chance to pay for a hoodie — just be the highest bidder, and its yours. We have sizes XS, M, L, and XL (sorry, we’re out of smalls!).

Bid on this item now!

Dreamcast Bag

SEGA Dreamcast - Original Dreamcast handbag

This is from the Dreamcast days… a big bag to hold all your stuff. We found this in our old office, rescued it, and have been hanging on to it for several years now, just waiting for the right occasion to part with it. This is it! It is a big bag (about 17 inches wide and 15 inches tall) and was originally intended to hold your Dreamcast console, controllers, etc. It could be used for that, or as a cool computer or book bag. There is one zippered pocket on the front (just above the logo), and it zips open to reveal one interior front pocket and 4 smaller mesh pockets on the back to organize your stuff. It has two handles at the top for hand carrying, a shoulder strap, and also some backpack straps, if that’s how you choose to roll.

Bid on this item now!

Yakuza 4 Officially Licensed T-Shirt from Japan

Yakuza 4 - Rare imported Golden Dragon long-sleeve shirt (front)

Yakuza 4 - Rare imported Golden Dragon long-sleeve shirt (back)

This is an amazing shirt. It’s officially licensed, and has the Ryu Ga Gotoku tag still on it. It’s a black long-sleeve shirt in a size XL, but it’s a Japanese XL so it’s smaller than a US size XL. But you may not even want to wear it, because it’s so pretty! The front, sleeves, and back have a tattoo design in gold — as you can see, it’s very intricate and shiny. This shirt sells in Japan for approximately $110 US, so it’s definitely rare and valuable!

Bid on this item now!

Valkyria Chroncles – Signed copy for PS3

One of SEGA’s best games for the PS3 – and perhaps one of the best games on the console itself – this is a rare chance to pick up a shiny copy of Valkyria Chronicles, signed by two key members of the Japanese development team. This includes Ryutaro Nonaka, the game’s producer from SEGA of Japan! The winning bid scores both the open case and a brand-new, unopened copy of the game, still in its original shrink-wrap. How’s that for awesome?

Bid on this item now!

Yakuza 4 US Promo T-Shirt

Yakuza 4 - Promo T-shirt

While less rare than the Yakuza shirt above it, this is still a pretty rare item. We made 500 of these shirts to promote Yakuza 4, and just because they are more subtle than your average game t-shirt doesn’t mean it’s any less awesome. We have these in size M, L, or XL (winner picks their size). It’s a black short-sleeve shirt with a tattoo design over the shoulder, and the Yakuza 4 logo on the opposite sleeve. The screenprint design continues over the shoulder and on to the back of the shirt.

Bid on this item now!

Sonic Colors Kiosk Art

Sonic Colors - Promo Station art

This is art that was originally placed in demo kiosks for Sonic Colors. Now it could be yours! There are 6 pieces in total, each with a different design of Sonic and his Wisp friends from the game. Each piece is about 28 inches tall and 9 inches wide, and they’d look great hanging on your wall!

Bid on this item now!

Virtua Tennis Sweatbands

Virtua Tennis 4 - Promo Sweatbands, full set

These are some brand-new promo items for the upcoming Virtua Tennis 4 game. Keep your forehead dry during long jogs or some marathon gaming sessions. You get 5 sweatbands in total — one in each color we made — to keep yourself cool.

Bid on this item now!

Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Promo Poster Art

Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll thick wall artwork

This is a piece of promo art that we used at several locations during the promotion of Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll. It’s a really big poster — 28 inches wide and 35 inches tall — and it’s mounted on heavy 1/4 inch foam core. This is a piece of art that will stand the test of time!

Bid on this item now!

OutRun Art – Signed by Yu Suzuki

OutRun Art - Signed by Yu Suzuki

If this looks familiar to you, you’re probably a frequent Free Stuff Friday viewer/participant. This was one of our prizes for last week’s giveaway. The winner contacted us and asked to donate it to an auction to benefit relief in Japan, and we were happy to oblige. Thanks to @bdavid81, who gave up his prize for auction.

Bid on this item now!

Yakuza 4 – Model Car Kit

Nothing says “I was once top boss of the Tojo clan” like a painmobile. (Well, that’s the literal translation, at least.) This rare Yakuza Model Car Kit comes to us from Japan, and includes a ton of awesome car stickers for use as decals! Instructions might be in Japanese, but thankfully, the box itself has enough English to tell you what you need to get this model put together and painted up.

Bid on this item now!

The House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Promo “Meat” Package

This is a medium-sized (12 inches by 7 inches) package wrapped in brown butcher’s paper and packing tape with a House of the Dead OVERKILL logo sticker on the front. Inside is a styrofoam tray similar to what you’d find in a butcher shop. On that will be a fake body part of some kind — a hand, a foot, an internal organ — we don’t know what it is, because the package is unopened! So, have a heart, and you may get a heart in return!

P.S. – Not for kids!

Bid on this item now!

Sonic the Hedgehog Limited Edition Lanyard

This is a black ribbon-style lanyard with the running sprite animation from the original Sonic the Hedgehog. We made these for PAX Prime 2010, and they were a monster hit. If you didn’t get a chance to pick one up, you can do so now — and for a good cause, too!

Bid on this item now!

MADWORLD Gamestop Manager’s  Pre-order Kit

Better watch your step! This is a kit that was handed out to GameStop managers and employees before the launch of MADWORLD. It is a MADWORLD-branded box, that has the SEGA and GameStop logo on it as well as “MADWORLD Employee Kit” on it. Inside, there is a big red plastic button (like the Staples “easy” button) that takes 3 AAA batteries and makes a chainsaw noise when pressed. The kit also contains a bag of “Pre-Order Today” buttons with the MADWORLD logo on them, and a package of MADWORLD stickers. These stickers have the “Caution” sign design that was used throughout the marketing campaign. The box also includes a flyer for GameStop store managers.

Bid on this item now!

Sonic Classic Collection – Signed by Ken Balough

The cover of this game has been autographed in silver pen by Ken Balough, who many Sonic fans know as the SEGA Brand Manager for Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I. The front cover says “Sonic 4 games in one as you truly imagined it – Ken”. This is a blend of two recurring jokes: The first came about from the SEGA US community managers teasing that this was “Sonic 4 … games in one”. We made this joke several times on our blogs and Free Stuff Friday videos, and it’s possible that it is only funny to us. The second part, “as you truly imagined it” is a quote from Ken himself, and it became a meme within the Sonic community. Ken is a great guy, and doesn’t mind laughing at himself, so he signed this on the game for a lucky fan to cherish.

Bid on this item now!

Valkyria Chronicles – Rare Promo Poster Art

What you’re looking at is one of the rarest pieces of original Valkyria Chronicles promotional merch in the west. Featuring Welkin Gunther, Alicia Melchiott, and their tank the Edelweiss, this beautiful piece of art was printed on a huge piece of glossy, thick posterboard, and was one of three pieces of promo Art used at the Valkyria Chronicles Launch Event in San Francisco.  Now you can bid on this exclusive piece of promo art and help Japan at the same time!

Bid on this item now!

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Pillowcase

Dream delight! One of the more unique pieces of promotional merchandise we’ve ever created, this NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams pillowcase is the perfect addition to any NiGHTS fan’s collection. (Not to mention, you can actually sleep on it!)

Bid on this item now!

Yakuza 4 Japanese Promo Fan

Yakuza 4 - Rare Tokyo Game Show fan (back)

Yakuza 4 - Rare Tokyo Game Show fan
This is a fan that we picked up at the Tokyo Game Show in 2009. It’s got a tattoo design and the Japanese website for Yakuza 4 on one side, and the Japanese logo for the game on the other.

Bid on this item now!

Check them out on video!

YouTube Preview Image

Want to see some of the items above on film? Check out the video we’ve put together to show them off on YouTube! Almost all of the items listed are shown, though we’ve had even more items join the auction pool after filming.

Good luck, and happy bidding!

On behalf of all of us here at SEGA, thank you to everyone to who bids and donates to help Japan in this time of need. Good luck on all those rare pieces of SEGA merchandise – we hope you’ll give each and every item an awesome new place to call home!



Yakuza 4 Out Now & Free Music Download!

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Yakuza 4 Locations Trailer

On the heels of our Yakuza 4 launch party in New York City, we have a brand new trailer! Get a tour of the sights and activities you’ll find in Kamurocho, and get ready to play it yourself when Yakuza 4 hits stores in North America on March 15th!

YouTube Preview Image

Get your VIP Pass to the Yakuza 4 Launch Party in NY next week! – Update: Now full!

Do you like Yakuza 4?

Do you live in New York?

Can you handle an evening full of video games, real life hostesses, and awesome SEGA staff?

If you answered yes to the above, now’s your chance! We’re giving away 10 special passes Update: Due to high demand, we are increasing this to 21 special passes for our Yakuza 4 Launch Event in New York next week to 10 lucky fans, and if you’re quick to comment on this blog, you can get one of them!

How to sign up

What: Yakuza 4 Launch Party

When: Tuesday, March 8th, at 6:00 PM!

Where: The Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel, New York. (Google map location)

  • To get a pass, just comment here with your first name and last initial – simple as that! The first ten people to do so will get put on the list and get free access to the event!
  • Attendees must be 21 or older!

Good luck Yakuza fans! We’ll see you there next week!

Community Passes:

  1. Chadwick D.
  2. Michael R.
  3. Siomaira R.
  4. Mark T.
  5. Cleiton R.
  6. Crystal R.
  7. Armand R.
  8. Robert L.
  9. William C.
  10. Jeremy B.
  11. Aloysius M.
  12. Rich D.
  13. Jake R.
  14. Johnny A.
  15. Nestor G.
  16. Andrew B.
  17. Percyell S.
  18. Joey K.
  19. Manny M.
  20. Christian C.
  21. Brian P.

If you’re on this list, you’re approved to attend! Show up at the Hiro at 6 PM on March 8th, and bring ID to pick up your pass!

Update: The list has been extended to 21 names, and is now completely full. Thanks everyone – that filled up very fast!


Download a brand new Yakuza 4 Hostess Wallpaper

Helloooo, ladies! If you’re not hyped for the hostesses of Yakuza 4 yet, you should be. Feed your appetite for new Yakuza 4 content with today’s free wallpaper for your desktop!

The wallpaper is exclusive to our Yakuza 4 website, which you can visit here or by clicking the image above!

We’d love to hear what you guys think about the wallpaper – or even just the hostesses – in the comments below. Is anyone else excited for the coming launch next month?


Yakuza 4 hits the US with free DLC packed in

When the news about the Kuro and Shiro editions of Yakuza 4 hit the net, the questions began to fly. Was the US missing out on this content completely? Were those awesome unlockable costumes going to come with our version too? And what about all those extra post-game elements, like the survival mode, or the underground fighting arena?

Today we can confirm that all copies of Yakuza 4 in the US will come pre-packaged with these codes right inside the box. Specifically, this includes:

  • Bonus costumes for Kazuma, Akiyama, Taiga, Tanimura, and Haruka
  • Survival Mode
  • Underground car park racing
  • The much-loved underground Fighting Arena

Like Yakuza 3, these codes will be one-time use, so you’ll want to make sure you’re buying a new copy of the game if you want to enjoy the bonuses. Consider it our little way of saying thank you to the many fans out there who are doing their part to help the Yakuza series succeed here in the west. (Hostess clubs included!)

We may not be getting the shiny black cover, but all the costumes you see above, as well as all the DLC, will come free inside every new copy here in the US.

We also have another special bonus here in the US for anyone who pre-orders from Gamestop: you can say hello to the lovely ladies of Yakuza 4 with an exclusive Dynamic Hostess Theme for PSN, free for all who pre-order on their side. If that sounds like your cup of virtual tea, you can pre-order online here.

There’s lots more on the way as we gear up for the big release of Yakuza 4 next month, so stick with us for even more news and awesome, M-rated goodness in the weeks to come!


Yakuza 4 – Hostess Club Trailer

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Our Yakuza forum just got a nice new look…

If you’re a Yakuza fan and not yet part of our Yakuza forums, we’d like to invite you to join in! From talk of Yakuza 4 to discussions of where Toshihiro Nagoshi is right now (tanning beds = safe bet), the fans and faces of the board make it a fun place for a Yakuza fan to call home.

Today we’re happy to show off our brand new look for the Yakuza forum, which is based on the rather awesome box art for Yakuza 4. Click the image below to check it out on the board!

And for those savvy readers who want to know everything there is to know about the western versions of Y4, we’ve even got SEGA Producer Yas who drops in from time to time to discuss what it’s like working on a game as huge as Y4 is.

We hope you guys enjoy the new skin. We’ll see you on the boards!


New Yakuza 4 Battle Trailer

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